Baldwin PCB Design Ltd
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Specialists in PCB design and schematic entry

Just one aim - to produce top-quality PCB designs at very competitive prices.

The company was established in 1991 by Mike Baldwin, who's been designing boards since 1970, when the work was carried out on a drawing board and the artwork produced using sticky black tape!

We now use the latest schematic capture & PCB design software, together with state-of-the-art hardware, ensuring that the tools used are the best available. Add in our vast experience and you can see why we are able to offer a first class service at very competitive prices.

Because we specialise in PCB design and the company is relatively small, we can be flexible and react promptly to customers' needs. We are also confident that we can save you money, as well as time, on all your PCB designs.

Whenever you have a PCB design requirement you are just an email or 'phone call away from a very competitive quote. Take advantage of more than 40 years' expertise, gained from designing all types of printed circuit board.

We promise to spare no effort in ensuring that the PCB we design for you is exactly as you require it to be - and that it is delivered on time!