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Single-sided to multi-layer, through-hole and surface-mount capability


Design of all types of printed circuit board - rigid and flexible; from single-sided through to multi-layer, using through hole and surface mount components, including BGAs and very fine pitch devices.

Analogue, digital, audio, video, RF & SMPS circuitry with differential pair, matched impedance and matched length tracking; micro, blind & buried vias together with isolation barriers and split power & ground planes.

Some of the equipment and systems in which our designs have been used:

  • Airborne civil airliner communications & navigation
  • Airfield bird control
  • Control systems for semi-conductor manufacture
  • Disco sound mixers
  • Displays for flight simulators
  • High voltage power supplies
  • Industrial boiler efficiency monitoring and control
  • Industrial laser control systems
  • Industrial process control
  • Industrial temperature control
  • Mobile ‘phone hands-free car kits
  • Motor speed control
  • PC cards
  • Public address amplifiers
  • Remote TV broadcast monitoring systems
  • Switch mode power supplies
  • The Eggxactly Water-free Egg Cooker - as seen on BBC2's Dragon's Den -

The list could go on but then, when you’ve been designing PCBs since 1970, that’s not surprising!